Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Mom can immediately tell you what she was wearing on any given occassion.
She has always loved clothes and fashion; my sister and I inherited this from her.
Growing up, we would sit at the kitchen table with a JC Penney catalog,
pick out a pretty model, then carefully cut clothes and accessories for her.
Mom drew paper dolls for us and designed outfits that we filled in with colored pencils -
beautiful bride dresses, evening gowns, clothes to wear to town.
We created with Fashion Plates and changed outfits on our Dolly Pops.
Our young hearts yearned for designer jeans, but they were way too expensive.
So for Christmas we got scaled-down versions for our Barbies.

This is a design Mom drew when she was about nine years old.  Isn't that amazing?
We laugh because she had never been to the beach before, but she knew what to wear there!

I am giggling...just now we got an email from Mom with the subject line
"Fashion Trends for Spring".

This is Mom's doll that she recently gave me,
wearing a sundress my aunt made her from apron fabric.
She is packing for her trip to someplace warm.

We, too, will be leaving soon for someplace warm.
I'm ready for sunny skies, fresh air, and exposed skin!

The weatherman reports that we got over 10 inches of snow here the last two days.
There was even lightning and thunder during the snowstorm.
The wind and thunder were so loud that my cat disappeared into his various hiding spots
for a day and a half.

Our spring break trip has become an annual thing -
we go away with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and their three boys.
A whole week of Auntie time!
And valuable time with my husband!
I'm so ready!

I will be getting my summer clothes out of the attic and trying on outfits to take.
I may need to borrow Mom's outfit spreadsheet to see which clothes she's bringing.

I'm really not kidding about the spreadsheet.


  1. I LOVED playing with my fashion plates too! Love your mom's doll and her groovy glasses. Have fun on your sunny vacay!

  2. Oh no! My secret is out!!