Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello from Lake Geneva, WI

Ross Martin #837
We're here for the last weekend of racing this season!

Mike Bauer #717
My husband's on the road a ton in the winter as crew chief for Judnick Motorsports,
and even when he's home there are plenty of late nights at the shop.
But today is the last race of the season and the start of some down time.
Time to adjust our routine.

My family is coming to the races today.
I love when my little nephews ask "who should we cheer for?" at the start of each race.

There is an award banquet tonight, then we'll celebrate and stay out way too late.
And tomorrow morning we'll wonder why we do that every year.


  1. This is such a different world. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Yeah, I bet you've never been to a snowmobile race, since you live in the South. They show the races on the Versus channel if you're ever surfing - Sundays at 2 CT (2 more left to air). :o)