Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You Are Cordially Invited
To Join Artisans Amanda & Jody

 from 3-8 pm at Wausau's City Grill
For Their Annual Open House

Featuring Handmade Jewelry, Hats, Gloves,
Accessories, Ornaments,
Embellished Glassware,
And Much, Much MORE!

Their Super Talented Friend PJ
Will Be Singing & Playing Acoustic Guitar!

Grab a warm drink at the bar,
listen to some great music,
and hang out with the twisted sisters!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just got back from a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family in Illinois.  My parents and I all stayed with my sister’s family for a few days, which meant lots of Auntie time with my three nephews (my favorite thing ever).  This year we went out to eat for our big dinner on Thursday, so no one had to cook or clean up.  Actually, none of us really enjoy cooking all that much, so for us it is SO the way to go.  I hope we do that again.
I took some sewing projects with me to work on during the down time, of which there is hardly any, normally.  My youngest nephew got in on the sewing action, and we made scarves and neck warmers for a few of his stuffed animals.  Then we made him a money pouch with a wrist strap.  I was so preoccupied making sure he didn't cut himself with the sewing scissors that I didn't snap any pictures of these creations.  Priorities... 
My creative Momma helped sew on embellishments and snaps to fingerless gloves and pouches.  Here are a few of the things we finished: 
Fingerless Gloves / Hand Warmers

- and -

Cell Phone Cases / Little-Stuff-Pouches

I’m forecasting much more of these artsy little guys in my future, they are so fun to design.
Now I have to decide which little pair of gloves goes to market, and which little pair stays home!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I love Christmas songs.  Love, Love.

Today during the bizarre at the elementary school, my love was tested.  Being broadcast from somewhere near the baked goods were THE most depressing versions of Christmas songs ever recorded.  On a continuous loop.  Throughout the morning.  And early afternoon.

Needing a change of scenery, I meandered down the hallway that was blanketed with class art projects. 
This was my favorite:

I really want to try doing something like this!  I studied each one and decided which is closest to my own likeness, if I were to do a self-portrait too. 

So I've added "Cubism: Picasso Self-Portait" to my bucket list. 
Probably after the holidays.

For now, I have some uptempo carols piping into the studio.  Must sing now.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We’ve been getting ready all week long!

 Hope you can stop by Saturday and say hello!
Rib Mountain Bizarre
Rib Mountain Elementary School
2701 Robin Lane
8:30 AM to 3 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2011

At our event last week,
someone asked about making headbands for little girls.
Ask and ye shall receive...

Jody and I will be participating in the Rib Mountain Bizarre this Saturday at the Rib Mountain Elementary School, so I figured that would be a great place for the headbands to make their debut.
I have to admit it took me almost all day to make these.  They are a departure from what I tend to make (and a tad bit “crafty”), so it took a little stretching of the imagination to get the concept.  Plus I couldn’t use my three nephews as my inspiration for these frilly things, so I had to rely on my own inner child in a big way today.
I need to do that more often.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh My Gosh.
I couldn’t wait to post about my Goodwill find today...

A whole shoe-box size container of vintage buttons!
Metal ones.  Bakelite ones.  Crocheted ones.  Pearly ones.  Furry ones.
Not sure yet which one is my favorite.
I'll let you know after they've had a bath.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hope you are enjoying the early holiday season!

My creating friend Jody and I have been busy in our studios making all kinds of new things for our upcoming holiday events and shows - we're calling it "The Twisted Sisters Holiday Tour".  

Our first event is today at St. Clare's Hospital in Weston, WI:

The Volunteers of Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital in Weston will be holding their 6th Annual "Crafty for a Cause" Craft Fair fundraiser in their Conference Center
(Entrance #3).

Just a few of the handmade items we'll be featuring are:

Unique Jewelry
Fleece & Embellished Fashion Hats
Glam Gloves
Stocking Stuffers
Much More!

We'd love if you stopped by to say Hello!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello, and thanks for checking in!  I’ve been busy sewing in the studio, experimenting with new hat styles, gloves and mittens.  For a long time I’d wanted to try making fabric accessories.  Truth is, there are two things that always got in my way of ever trying:  having to follow a pattern (I’m generally not a very good direction follower), and being a perfectionist regarding my own handiwork.'s amazing how much motivation a fleece sale at the fabric store provides!  I bought yards of soft fleece in all my favorite colors and got right to it.  I wrote about my first batch of hats in a previous post:

First Batch of Hats

These first few hats took me a long time to make, but I've figured out a way to make the process a little bit quicker.  

I've had some inquiries about other colors and sizes for kids' hats, so that's what's been on the palette lately:
More Colors & Kid Sizes Too!
It's been fun experimenting with different styles, fabrics and embellishments:
New Hat Styles & Fingerless Gloves!

Oh, and here's what happens when you nap on the sewing table on top of the fabric scraps:
Lucky the Studio Cat