Monday, March 7, 2011

As I sit this morning, again watching the snow come down in diagonal sheets,
I am warmed by microwave heat bags, and memories of a fantastic creative weekend.

Sarah and her little dog Fritz were here Saturday to work on a project we started awhile back.
These are personalized sweater pins.  Super cute, and handy too.
You can use one as a closure on a cardigan, or just for bling purposes.

It was so fun to have Kathy come by to join the bead/wine/whine fest!

Love Pin
Life is short...BUY the shoes
Zodiac Pin

Sunday, after redeeming the Jo-Ann Fabric coupons that were burning a hole in my bag,
it was time for card making in Jody's studio with Linda and Sara.
Good food, good peeps, good cards, good day.

Jody creating

We made a card to keep and extras to trade
Thank you, friends, for an inspirational weekend.
Let's do that again soon, ok?

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  1. it totally was a great day yesterday, thank you for coming over and christening my new studio. Im sure there will be many more creative parties in the future! :)