Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I don't like to exercise.  Sure, I always feel better after I've moved around, but getting the motivation to actually "exercise" is a struggle.  I really don't mind walking so much...the fresh air does me a world of good, the Dog is ecstatic to be going somewhere, and I have to wear a swimsuit in two weeks (ugh).

So I decided a great motivator (besides the swimsuit situation) would be to bring along my new camera while I go walking, and challenge myself to take an interesting photo before I can head back.

I just decided that this morning, actually, so here is the result from my first day. 

"Don't be chickens, follow me!"
The Dog spotted the ducks before I did.  It was a challenge to keep the camera steady while hanging on to a tugging and salivating Dog's leash.  She would have been delighted to flush the birds out of there.  That's a Lab's job, after all.


  1. Wow, those are wonderful pictures! You and the new camera make a great team!

  2. Wow. That 2nd pic is just beautiful. National Geographicesque! Mallards are so gorgeous.

  3. Oh so beautiful!! You are on to something with this new camera. Go on with your creative self! =)