Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Like a Lion & Some Thoughts on Winter

Winter weather has been especially on my mind these last two days.

My family and friends in Illinois, i.e. many of my favorite people in the world, live in the heart of this supposed-to-be-historical snow storm that is to hit a third of our country (oh, pardon my Weather Channel vernacular; been watching all day).

Yesterday, my husband struggled to get home from Aspen, where his team won the Silver Medal in Snocross at the Winter X-Games!  *(fist pumps)*   Due to a closed airport, mechanical problems and more than three hours of sitting on the runway, a missed connecting flight, and then a hotel room in Chicago, he finally caught an early flight home today.  Frustraaa-tion...

So, let’s bring back the happy.
I’d like to show you my ice skating outfit.

My Mom made this for my sister and I to play dress-up, back in the very early-80s.  Isn't it so fun?  Look at the Bedazzled silver studded bow around the neckline.  What a magnificent invention – the original Bedazzler!  It came with all kinds of jewels and studs, but we never used the sparkliest ones because we wanted to save them (I still save hoard like that!).  I see the Bedazzler is making a comeback, you can buy a new one online.  Wonder if my Mom still has our original one.  They probably don’t make ‘em like they used to.  Like the brown knit mittens in the picture, which are from the same era as the ice skating outfit.  Maybe earlier.  I remember my Mom wearing them with a matching hat.  Not sure what ever happened to the hat, but I have held on to these mittens.  Because they are little objects that make me happy.  The vintage skate outfit box in the picture?  Picked up recently at a thrift store for 50 cents!  *(she performs a Split Jump)*
Growing up, we loved watching the Olympic figure skaters on TV, mostly because of their glittery outfits, make-up and their hair-dos (note:  I'm talking about the ladies here).  I remember being fascinated by Katarina Witt, wishing I could be as pretty as her, and as graceful.  My sister and I rocked Dorothy Hamill haircuts.
Exhibit A:
Amanda in yellow & Amy in blue

Um....excuse me for a sec...
my photo assistant is hovering precariously close
to this little scene. 

Hey!  Gimme back my prop!

It's vintage!

*(she performs a Flying Spin Combination)*


  1. I love the photo of you and your sister! I think I have a twin one of me an my sister with our Dorothy Hamills as well! And probably the same Olan Mills background. So cute!

  2. I cracked up reading your comment. Guess I cropped out the Olan Mills trademark, but you are spot-on. I think it was even taken in a hotel room at that time, when they came through town. Too funny.