Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes I'm a big ol' sap.
As I clumsily plod along, finding my way,
motivation often arrives from the teeniest, most random occurrences.
I had an inspirational event last night as I grabbed a magazine to read before going to bed.
Gently sliding out from the pages for me to discover was this:

tiny wooden sign
I was delighted to have been given a sign telling me I'm on the right path!
A talisman reminding me to keep the faith!
A tiny random happening to make me take heed and grin! :)

Then my logical left brain reminded me that my friend brought an assortment of little objects for collage making, including these little wooden signs, when she was here for a studio day last Sunday.  Before she left, we cleaned up all the artistic clutter and put everything back in its place.

It's way too rational (and to think that this token
was accidentally swept into the magazine
while we were cleaning. 
The very same magazine I just happened to pick up last night,
out of the zillions of magazines in my collection. 
I like to think it was a sign from above.
Corny?  Sure.  But it gets me through the day.


  1. That's no coincidence!

  2. I absolutely believe it was a sign meant for you to see at that moment! These things do not happen by accident. I remember a moment over 15 years ago when I was feeling quite lost with what to do in my life. I was sitting in a park in the midst of a huge pity party and I prayed, "God, just tell me what I am supposed to do with my life!" I got in my car to leave and got behind a van that had a license plate that said "art" and right above it was a Nike "just do it" sticker! I ignored that message then, but today I am kicking myself that I didn't listen! I am finally on the right track, but I ignored positive messages for a long time. Now I take them any way they come. Life is mysterious. What's it gonna hurt to believe?

  3. Oh wow Jenny, THAT was a sign for sure. And great inspiration for a collage for you to make! Thanks for sharing your story, I love it.