Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes if you stare at your clutter long enough, innovation happens.

I scored this old cottage window frame at the dump when we were up north one weekend.
(Oh gosh, has that been two years ago already?  I think it has.)
It's been in our garage since then, propped up between the recycling bins and our bicycles.
Those black metal clips were left over from a work project.
(Oh gosh, has that been nine years ago already?  I think it has.)
They've moved with us from place to place, hoping one day to be useful for something.
Well, I...
  • picked out some of my favorite papers and taped to the back of the frame
  • pounded big-headed nails into the window frame and hung the clips from the nails
  • placed in a handy spot, hanging on my studio wall
  • putzed around looking for cute stuff to clip in there so I could take the picture
A free message board!  Almost like I planned it that way.


  1. Totally love it, especially the paper, where in the world did you find that???? Great job Miss Amanda!

  2. I got it from Jody the Paper Queen!