Saturday, April 20, 2013

We had the strangest weather yesterday.  
Sunny then snowy, sunny then snowy.  
Repeat over and over.
The front yard on my way back from the mailbox.

In the afternoon, I was in the studio watching this weather pattern unfold out the window,
so I stepped outside with my camera to capture the clouds moving in.
Quite literally there was a blue sky one moment, then the clouds quickly rolled in.

See the snow falling from the gray cloud?

There was a near white-out snow for a few minutes.
I couldn't see the hills or Rib Mountain in the distance, or even the edge of the field.

And then this.
Like nothing had happened.
Except that the sky was a more clear brilliant blue.

This week there was terrible flooding near my hometown in central Illinois.
By the farm where my family lives, the river and creeks overflowed, some of the roads were under water and damaged.  
The sweet little church that was a huge part of my life growing up had a basement full of water.
It was scary for awhile as the rain continued to fall, but everyone's fine and safe.

This church was a gift from a dear friend from home, she gave it to me several years back at Christmastime.
This friend and I also took Confirmation classes together at our church years ago.
 My little church stays on a shelf in the kitchen year-round.  I put a string of white lights inside and plug it in every day.

The very same day as the flooding at home, I snapped this tractor picture while driving down the road, not even looking into the viewfinder.
See the cross on the church in the background?
Purely coincidence...
Or is it?

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