Monday, April 22, 2013

The book was a church rummage sale find.
Just learned today that the founder of Earth Day was from northwestern Wisconsin.
I watched a PBS program about him today in the studio.

I've been wanting to use these recycled paper beads I bought awhile ago,
and figured today would be good, being Earth Day and all.

I made the pendant from a real acorn cap, one of a bunch that I gathered up north last Fall.
To the inside of the acorn cap I adhered a paper flower and red glass bead, then filled the cap with resin to protect its contents.

Most of the parts of this necklace were once other jewelry pieces I've taken apart and re-used,
which was my weekend project...

I get asked a lot if I have an online store and always sheepishly reply,
"um...well...I do...but there's nothing listed for sale right now."
So I've decided to do something about that, starting with this necklace.
That's this evening's project.  :)

Happy Earth Day!

(Update:  This necklace has been sold, thanks!)


  1. I love your jewelry! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, and thanks for visiting my blog!