Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last weekend my husband needed to be in Milwaukee for work, so I came along for the ride.
Love the old town feel of Milwaukee.  They just don't make buildings like they used to!

I don't get to big cities too often, and when I do, other people are usually in charge of directions.  But this time it was up to me to get from the suburbs to downtown, through road construction and lane closures...and I'm really happy to report that I survived!  I've never been known for having a stellar sense of direction, so it was a proud moment for this slow-moving country girl to prove that I CAN find my way around!

The first stop on my big city adventure was the Milwaukee Art Museum.  There they had a special exhibit about the history of color photography in America, and I'd been wanting to get there to see it.  I discovered a few inspiring photographers to find out more about.

The last time I was at this art museum marks the start of my love of Gabrielle Munter's paintings.  You can read my post about that museum visit by clicking here.  So I visited her paintings again this time.  Yep, still in love.

This photo was taken at the lake, right outside the museum.  

After the art museum I walked along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

I happened upon a group of special needs kids who were making and flying paper kites in the park.
It was so neat to see the delight on their faces and to hear their belly laughs when their kites were up in the air!  
I sat on a picnic table and watched for about an hour; it was really touching and I can't stop thinking about it.

This is my favorite graffiti of the day...

"act natural"

Loved being out and about in the city.

Doesn't matter whether we live in the country or in the city...
we're ALL happy it's finally Spring in Wisconsin!

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