Monday, May 13, 2013

Several times I've settled in to write a new post and ended up falling asleep before I get anything written.  It's project time around here, so my days have been filled with lots of physical activity.  Like hours and hours of pitching mulch - just me and my (t)rusty pitchfork.

Here's the first load of mulch that was dropped off, all eight yards of it.

And a day later, the second load was dropped off.

And the next day - yup, another load.

And now I'm waiting for the fourth delivery as I type, so hopefully I won't fall asleep this time.

In each of the almost nine years we've lived here, I've add a little bit of mulch to the garden here and there, but we've never done it on such a grand scale.  And man, did it need to be done.  I've almost finished filling in the front part of the garden near the porch; now I've got to work on the area on the other side of the walkway, which is a bit larger than the area done so far.

We're also in the process of having the porch painted.  It's looking fresh and bright, and I'm so very excited to have it all finished so I can sit on my porch swing again.  The weather hasn't always been cooperating, so the porch painter and me work and work (I pitch mulch, he scrapes and paints) while the sun is shining and the days are warm enough for the paint not to freeze.

Since all the furniture has been cleared off the porch, my husband and I haven't been able to eat supper out there.  One evening last week it was just too calm and nice to be inside, so I set up an impromptu picnic.  It was nothing fancy but it was fun and made us giggle a little.  I'm considering getting rid of all the furniture out there and just having picnics every night.  That probably won't fly, but it's a nice thought.  

Having picnic meals reminds me of growing up on a farm, when we would take supper out to the field for my Dad and Grandpa during planting and harvest time.  We sat on Dad's old wool Army blankets that were kept in the trunk of the car.  We drank water from pastel colored Tupperware cups, and dessert was always Chips Ahoy cookies.  

Lucky likes to sit in the window and watch me when I'm out in the garden.  He's an inside-only cat, and not a mouser or very brave when it comes to anything outside of his normal routine (eat, sleep, eat, poop, eat, sleep, etc.).  I think he'd maybe kinda like to be outside with the dog and me when it's nice out, so once in a while I put him in a harness and leash and bring him out in the sunshine.  

There are all kinds of dangers to a wimpy cat around here, so I keep him on the leash so he can't go too far.  He likes to sniff the air and watch birds, but he seems generally unsure of what a cat's supposed to do out here.  

So I brought out his "storm box" which I originally set up for him to hide in during thunderstorms when he's shaking like a leaf, but he pretty much lays in all the time now. 

Yup, much better.  
I think we've figured out our new system.

Cleaning out my small garden pond, getting ready for the frogs to come back is a dirty, stinky job.  

But somebody has to do it...

So happy that things are starting to happen in the garden.

Waaaaaay later than normal, but still happening.

Still waiting for the frost advisories to be over so these herbs can go in the ground.  Lately I've been throwing a couple mint leaves into a glass of water, hoping it will entice me to drink more water.  Why oh why does coffee have to taste so much better than water?!  Really need to drink more water.

For the last few years, three of my husband's friends have been coming to stay with us for a weekend of turkey hunting.  It's fun to have them all here, and it's my duty to keep the fridge stocked and bellies full.

It's a self-appointed duty and I really do enjoy it.  Sure, it's probably considered old-fashioned nowadays, but that doesn't bother me...feeding my husband and friends is my way of showing I care about them.  

I finally figured out how to put that into words after seeing this quote on the "Backroads Girl" Facebook page:

I think preparing food and feeding people brings nourishment not only to our bodies but to our spirits.
Feeding people is a way of loving them,
in the same way that feeding ourselves is a way of honoring our own createdness and fragility.

- Shauna Niequist

While they were out sitting in the woods, I had the opportunity to play around with one of the guys' fancy new camera.  Here are a few pictures I took around our place and the neighboring barnyard.  I have come down with a serious case of camera envy.  

And these were taken in the barnyard with my own camera last week, while taking a break from pitching mulch...

I made this piece for the Cloth Paper Scissors monthly Reader Challenge called "Amazing Alphabet".

I didn't really have a plan when beginning this piece for the 'Amazing Alphabet' challenge, just started by painting a 4" X 6" piece of paper canvas using black acrylic paint, and while the paint was drying, began cutting letters from colored card stock in a freehand manner.  The next step was to machine stitch a grid pattern on the black background, using white thread.  Then I fancied up the letters using colored pencils, stamps, and markers.  The letters are machine stitched onto the canvas paper.

Last but definitely not least, I hope my beautiful momma had a very Happy Mother's Day! 

Hope I grow up to be just like her!

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