Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's thawing in the Northwoods!

We are up north at the cabin, cleaning up and getting things back up and running.  The ice is almost melted; there's just a small patch in the middle of the lake that's been getting smaller almost by the minute.  We've been watching the ice melt and feeding the ducks that have been hanging around the pier.  They aren't the usual ducks that stay here all season, these are Buffleheads on their way further north to Canada.  I've been trying to get a close-up picture, but I need a longer lens...something I've been saying, like, ten times a day.

This is the first full Summer we've been at our cabin, since we closed on it in June of last year.  It was at this place where we discovered Pompeii's obsession with "fishing".  She spends hours sitting, laying, pacing around on the pier, always keeping an eye out for jumping fish.  If someone is casting with a pole, she is beside herself with excitement.  We haven't figured out what exactly the draw is for her.

Hours.  Sitting.  Watching.  Waiting.  For something to happen.

When out for a drive, we saw these Coots resting on stumps sticking out of the water.  There was a bird on just about every stump, it was kind of funny.  I tried to get a good shot of them, but they heard the leaves crunching under my feet, in my attempt to get closer.

Was wishing I had a longer lens so I didn't disturb them!  But they went right back to their posts when I walked the other way.  That's when I saw this cool moss-covered stump by the shoreline.

So grateful to be out and about.

We all are.

"It's the little moments that make life big."

-Author Unknown

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