Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yesterday I did one of my favorite things, with one of my favorite people.
I met my friend at Starbucks inside our Barnes & Noble bookstore,
where we sank into their comfy chairs, sipped our warm drinks,
and browsed through their art and jewelry books.

We talked about our creative dreams for the upcoming months,
oohed and aahed over the project ideas and colorful pictures on the pages,
and fought very hard not to buy every single book.

Now, the only thing I love reading more than an art book is an art magazine
and my mind was swirling with ideas and my heart thumped wildly
from creative overwhelm and caffeine
as we descended upon the magazines on the way out of the store 
-we're talking major stimulation-
what'dya say...next week, same time, same place???  Anyone???

I'll switch to decaf, promise.

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