Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My candy-obsessed youngest nephew is having a birthday. 

This kid was born with an uncanny proclivity for junk food, even though he doesn't really get to have it on a regular basis.  However, in times of superabundance, he keeps what he calls his "secret stash" in a kitchen drawer.  Even his two older brothers are quite respectful of his private reserve.  

Last summer each of my nephews got to stay with me alone - no brothers! - for a couple days each.  We did pretty much whatever they wanted to do, and ate pretty much whatever they wanted to eat.  Here is M after we went grocery shopping.  Our cart was full of junk food, of course!  

(At Auntie Camp the motto is "sure...why not?!")

I'll be seeing my nephews this weekend, and can't wait to see M's reaction to the candy sundae I made for him!
Fill 'em up with sugar, then give 'em back...that's what Aunties are for, right?


  1. Oh my gosh... my kids would flip over that "sundae." Super fun! They are so lucky to have you!

    1. Awww, thanks for saying that. Love being their much!