Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last week I baked two loaves of this yummy bread, and almost ate one entire loaf by myself!  The other loaf I froze and gave to my brother-in-law this weekend, and it received a big thumbs-up.  Thought I'd share the recipe with fellow bread baking friends interested in trying it.  Because it doesn't have preservatives, the bread stays fresh just a day or two, so freeze what you can't eat right away.

Here's the original recipe:

Ok, because I have a habit of changing things up a little bit, here are a few of my own notes:
I used fat free Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt
Olive oil instead of canola oil
Sea salt instead of regular salt
Raw honey instead of regular honey

I'll definitely be making this bread again.  Next time I'll add some chopped nuts.  And I wonder what would happen if one used only whole wheat flour, omitting the white flour altogether.  

This is a hearty bread.
It's wonderful served with butter and jam.
Or garlic butter.
Or plain.
Or dunked in soup.
Or not.

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