Friday, March 8, 2013

About a month ago while browsing the book section of a small thrift store in town, I stumbled upon an old string-bound photo album.  Its brittle pages held black and white photos commemorating a family's special occasions, military service, vacations and fishing trips up north.  I couldn't help but feel sort of bummed that someone got rid of their family photo album!  There's a great big soft spot in my heart for preserving family heritage, no doubt the result of being born and raised on a farm and coming from a long line of "savers"...on both sides of the family.

I didn't have the heart to put the album back on the shelf and walk away.  It seemed crazy to spend money on a complete stranger's family pictures, especially when I have so many of my own family photos at home!  Quite honestly though, it was an image of three young ladies joyfully posing on a beach that got me.  I needed to honor their heritage.

Today I made thank-you notes to send to a few special friends who recently helped me celebrate my 40th birthday.  I incorporated a copy of the beach girl picture on each card, imagining that these girls would approve of being showcased in such a manner.   

Each card is a little bit different, but the essential parts are the same.
Just like our friends, eh?

Well my beach girls...hope I've made you proud!