Monday, December 3, 2012

Just got back last night from a weekend in Illinois, where I participated in Ladies Night Out, a holiday sale at the Woodstock Country Club.  It was a fundraiser for my nephews' school, and just a lovely evening at a lovely setting with lovely people.  Thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies who offered such nice words of support and encouragement.  Thank you, thank you.

After the sale on Friday, the rest of the weekend was family hanging out time.  My parents were also in town for a visit.  We all really love being together.  We're lucky like that!  I slept in the bottom bunk in my youngest nephew's room, and several times during the night I heard him giggling in his sleep.  Warmed this Auntie's heart right up!

It's good to be silly!

My sister was quite pleased to have some female adult helpers for their annual tradition of decorating gingerbread houses!

We went to a Christmas tree farm on Sunday.

Then I had a four hour drive home.  I'm pooped!


  1. What a lovely trip for you. So sweet to see those gingerbread creations in all their gloppy goodness!