Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last week I went to the annual church/school rummage sale in the little town where I live.  I look forward to going every year around this time.  It's my favorite kind of sale where multiple families donate their stuff, it's all set up in one place so I don't have to drive from house to house, and there's no feeling a little embarrassed when a person watches me digging through their discarded junk.  Because to find the good stuff, ya gotta dig.  And man, do I love the dig!

At the rummage sale, about half of the gym is filled with tables of neatly folded clothes, all sorted by size; dressier items and coats hang on racks at the back of the room.  Most articles of clothing are priced from 50 cents to $2.  I love guilt-free shopping!  There must be someone affiliated with the church or school who works at Victoria's Secret, because they have a seemingly endless supply of pink VS shopping bags and hangers.  Young ladies walk around asking if you'd like a bag for your goodies.  I bought my fair share of clothing, most of which I can't even think of right now, since I was frantically shoving things into my VS shopping bags.  Another bonus of this sale is that you can try on stuff in the cafeteria rest room!  Earlier this week we went to visit friends for a couple days in Duluth, MN and I wore my new $2 outfit - an Old Navy black v-neck knit top with cute flouncy sleeves, and a perfectly-matching black stretchy wrap skirt.  I then layered on several pieces of my handmade vintage silver jewelry.  Artsy and thrifty, my favorite combination!

And now, back to the sale...the tables in the other half of the gym are filled with the usual miscellaneous treasures one finds at rummage sales like porcelain Avon figurines and 50th Anniversary plates, slightly stained fabric tablecloths and curtains, slightly dusty grapevine wreaths, slightly faded Christmas and Easter decorations, slightly warped Tupperware with avocado-colored lids, slightly used exercise videos and equipment...and on and on.  MY dig turned up some sparkly chandelier crystals, a glass cloche, a few pieces of jewelry to take apart and reuse, and two antique wooden desk drawers!  I also brought home a whole VS shopping bag full of old hardcover books to use in projects.  All books were priced at 3 for 50 cents!

Well, an hour and a half later I had a healthy pile of loot stacked up near the check-out area with my name on it.  I needed help carrying it all to my vehicle, and the grand total was only $22!  A big huge thank you goes out to my friend Kathy for texting me the morning of the sale, otherwise I would have missed it!

Last night I was reading an old homemade bread recipe book I dug up at the sale, and one of the chapters starts with the words "Country people like homemade breads".  I love that so much.  THIS country person certainly likes homemade breads.  AND church rummage sales!

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