Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Sunday, I spent a fun day at the St. Patrick's Day Family Festival
held at my nephews' school!

Home of the IRISH!!

Loved the Irish Dancers!
I was a vendor there, and took along my handmade sparkly things, hats, and collages. 

Fun seeing Happy Heart Studio on the banner!

I got to hang out all day with my nephews, when they took a rest from running around with their friends.
And I loved being with the OUTSTANDING group of people who have kids that go to the school and attend the church.

It was a great day full of music, dancing, drinking, eating, playing, laughing,
and even a little shopping!

THANK YOU so much for supporting a local artisan!

PS - To my amazing nephew Nicholas who reads my blog and keeps me on my toes to post updates,
you were such a big help!
Thank you for helping me all day long and staying until the end to help me pack up...
you're awesome!

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