Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The last few months I've really been allowing myself to putter creatively.
Taking more time to play around in the studio, making things for my own enjoyment,
instead of focusing on "what will sell".  

I've been seeing a shift in my artwork toward the preservation of heritage.
I'm very much interested in hearing old stories of the ladies in my family that came before me.
I always wonder, did she have a sense of humor?  
Was she creative?  What did she do for fun?
Did she like clothes and jewelry?   What was her marriage like?
Was she happy?

I loved talking to my mom about her grandma Louise.

My Great-Grandma Louise Custis

It warms my heart to recognize that even though many years have passed and our lives seem worlds apart,
it's undeniable that some personality traits have carried on through the generations.

I treasured my time in the studio while assembling this collage for my great-grandma Louise. 
I will make more of them, even make custom pieces for others.  

I feel some responsibility to sustain the legacy of those who came before me. 
I fear their stories will be lost because we didn't take the time to listen.
I worry that we don't sit down and talk to each other enough.

I wonder if my ancestors worried about that stuff too.

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  1. I love, love, love the tribute to my Grandma Louise. Thanks for keeping all those great memories alive!