Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My kind of town, Chicago is…

For quite a few years now, and even back when we were kids, my family has spent a weekend in downtown Chicago at least once a year.  It’s such a great place to be...a big bustling city full of nice Midwestern people.  I always look forward to visiting there, to be a part of the pace that's much faster than our part of Wisconsin!  I spend idle time sitting in front of the hotel window, imagining myself living in one of those tiny apartments.  Where would I put all my stuff??  

My favorite time of day is just before dark when the lights from the skyscrapers begin to twinkle, the smell of pizza and grilled meat wafts out of restaurants, a beggar plays the saxophone outside a department store, and car horns are a constant reminder to hurry along.  For me, going to Chicago is like meeting up with an old friend...you know each other's history and you look forward to discovering what's new and exciting since you were last together.
My Mom & Sister

Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center

Until we meet again, old friend ...


  1. Love your pictures, loved the weekend!!

  2. How fun. I went to U of I and so many of my friends live in Chicago. Love that city and love midwesterners!