Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got a message from a dear friend yesterday; she was feeling down and a little anxious about something she had to do later in the day.  She decided to put on a pair of big gold earrings and a bangle bracelet she had worn to a fun, rocking event last summer…even though she thought they may look silly with the gray turtleneck she was wearing.  It didn't matter because the big gold jewelry reminded her of good friends and happy times.

I was thinking of my friend this morning while cleaning out a cupboard and discovering the fancy dishes I inherited from my Grandma.  I blew the dust out of the delicate Limoges teacup and poured myself a cup of coffee.  It didn't matter that I was in fleece pajamas and Smart Wool socks.

Here's hoping the days ahead are upbeat and trouble-free.
If not, follow the advice of my dear friend...
"put on some gaudy jewelry and enjoy being you." 

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  1. I use my mom's silverware every day. I even put them in the dishwasher. Every time I take one out of the drawer I am reminded of her. My motto, "use, use, use" those family treasures".