Friday, December 2, 2011

I’ve come to a conclusion.  I have a love/sort-of-hate relationship with selling my creations. 

The love part comes when I’m in my studio with my black Lab snoozing on what was once our bed comforter, my tiger kitty is belly-up and snoring on the corner of my drafting table under the warm track lights.  I have no time constraint.  No plan.  Everything flows.

Love is when I talk to my creative friends every day about projects we’re working on, something we’re stuck on, sharing ideas and brainstorming.  Usually giving or receiving encouragement, depending on the day.

Love is seeing something I’ve made being worn by someone, and it suits them perfectly.

Here's lovely Karen wearing the hat created especially to match this coat.
Love how she wears the brim at an angle!

Lucca chose this hat that matches her coat and scarf.  So cute!

Madison tried on a few colors and styles.  As soon as she put this hat on, we all agreed THIS was the one!

It's moments like these that give me a burst of creative energy,
a feeling that I'm on the right track creatively.

It's the sort-of-hate part of selling my creations that I’ve been struggling with lately. There’s a lot of self-imposed pressure to make something completely original, all the while hoping people will like it enough to buy.   If I could afford to, I’d just give away the stuff I make.  You like this?  Here, take it!  I really don’t want to go on and on about the toils of pricing or marketing….we’ve all been there.

On a more personal level, I’ve been feeling out of balance.  I’ve let too many important things go by the wayside this year and it’s time to re-focus.  I have an event next week that will be the last of this holiday season; then it’s time to hang up my hat for awhile.  Got some thinking to do.  A tree to decorate.  Meals to cook.  Friends to call.  Hands to hold. 

Harmony...that's what I'll be working on.

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  1. I totally feel your angst. Selling can be really exciting, but it can also leave you feeling kind of chewed up and spit out. (that's how I feel anyway.) I start to feel like I don't even know why I am doing it anymore. I think you've got a good plan...step away from the sewing machine. Enjoy your break. I know you'll be crafting again soon! (we can't stay away, can we?)