Monday, November 28, 2011

Just got back from a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family in Illinois.  My parents and I all stayed with my sister’s family for a few days, which meant lots of Auntie time with my three nephews (my favorite thing ever).  This year we went out to eat for our big dinner on Thursday, so no one had to cook or clean up.  Actually, none of us really enjoy cooking all that much, so for us it is SO the way to go.  I hope we do that again.
I took some sewing projects with me to work on during the down time, of which there is hardly any, normally.  My youngest nephew got in on the sewing action, and we made scarves and neck warmers for a few of his stuffed animals.  Then we made him a money pouch with a wrist strap.  I was so preoccupied making sure he didn't cut himself with the sewing scissors that I didn't snap any pictures of these creations.  Priorities... 
My creative Momma helped sew on embellishments and snaps to fingerless gloves and pouches.  Here are a few of the things we finished: 
Fingerless Gloves / Hand Warmers

- and -

Cell Phone Cases / Little-Stuff-Pouches

I’m forecasting much more of these artsy little guys in my future, they are so fun to design.
Now I have to decide which little pair of gloves goes to market, and which little pair stays home!

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