Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello, and thanks for checking in!  I’ve been busy sewing in the studio, experimenting with new hat styles, gloves and mittens.  For a long time I’d wanted to try making fabric accessories.  Truth is, there are two things that always got in my way of ever trying:  having to follow a pattern (I’m generally not a very good direction follower), and being a perfectionist regarding my own handiwork.'s amazing how much motivation a fleece sale at the fabric store provides!  I bought yards of soft fleece in all my favorite colors and got right to it.  I wrote about my first batch of hats in a previous post:

First Batch of Hats

These first few hats took me a long time to make, but I've figured out a way to make the process a little bit quicker.  

I've had some inquiries about other colors and sizes for kids' hats, so that's what's been on the palette lately:
More Colors & Kid Sizes Too!
It's been fun experimenting with different styles, fabrics and embellishments:
New Hat Styles & Fingerless Gloves!

Oh, and here's what happens when you nap on the sewing table on top of the fabric scraps:
Lucky the Studio Cat


  1. I love, love, love your hats!! And I promise never to nap on your sewing table on top of scraps.

  2. That picture of your kitty made me LOL. What a face!!

  3. Greetings from a cat lover residing in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. This lovely feline knows he's a real looker. Just wearing those dressings and posing for you is evidence that you're adored by him. I'd say, he's a 'Lucky' cat.

  4. hahahahahaha!!! lucky does not look too happy, but he is adorable!! love it!