Saturday, August 13, 2011

An artsy shot of the market scene

Jody and I are just having the best time at Market Place Thursday this summer. 

There hasn't been a single Thursday yet when one of us hasn't said "this is so much fun!"

We're being challenged creatively by our weekly themes.  And any free moment you will find us frenzied in our studios, making new pieces so our regulars have something fresh to see.  

The highlight of our market experience truly is the camaraderie of our patrons and vendor neighbors.  We look forward each week to seeing them, and we always notice when someone's missing!

There's such a good vibe in this downtown area during the market...a little bit artsy, a little bit laid-back, a little bit granola, a little bit of good ole Wisconsin, and a lotta bit of good ole FUN.

This week's entertainment was provided by Aerotek BMX.

One of our friendly and talented neighbors
makes these sweet custom embroidered flower jackets.

She has a whole stash of vintage trims and ric-rac
to choose from...

Here's our friend’s daughters “enjoying” the splash fountains.

I’ve been tempted to walk through the fountains myself
on really hot days, but I’m a cold-water-sissy
and I'm usually wearing a skirt.

There are lots of kids sporting blue moustaches, compliments of the snowcone guy.

Anyone walking around with a guitar is just cool.

Another vendor makes these dog outfits.  Love them!

These lucky little guys get to ride in their own stroller. 

Hmmm...wonder if they left the market with new outfits.

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