Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our dog was named after the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy.
It was one of the places we visited on our Mediterranean honeymoon.
Must have still been fresh on our minds when we brought home our little black Lab puppy
not long after we married. 

Miss Pompeii
Age 7 1/2 (in human years)

The city of Pompeii was frozen in time after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in the year AD 79,
burying everything in its path in volcanic ash. 
They are still in the process of excavating streets and homes,
and are learning invaluable clues about ancient Roman life.
It's really an awesome place to visit.

A few days ago, I was given a very thoughtful souvenir from a friend
who recently visited the city of Pompeii. 
The tile is a replica of a mosaic found on the floor of a home in Pompeii.
It says "Beware of The Dog".

Totally cool, right?

I can't think of any other name that would better fit the quirky personality
of our little black volcano.

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  1. Indeed. What a cool story. I think you could make something like these for your market booth!