Friday, July 8, 2011

We're starting to get our routine down
and really enjoying the good vibes at Market Place Thursday.

Bling by Happy Heart Studio & Creative Looks by Jody

Vintage Fabric Cuff Bracelets

"Back to Nature" was our theme today.

Original Collage Paintings & Stationery

Book Marks

Birch bark frames made by Jody's sister Terry

There's something for everyone at the market...

...even outfits for our fuzzy friends!
(note three sets of very large paws)

Check out the henna tattoo I got last week
from our neighbor here at the market.  She free hands the designs.

Here's our pretty patron modeling her new dragonfly necklace.

We are loving these market days!


  1. I bought a beautiful purple/gold bracelet with a charm saying bloom on it from your booth on Thursday, July 7, downtown. It is wonderful except a tad too snug. I'm unable to put it on by myself. Would you be willing to bring a few extra links on Thursday the 14th and make it a bit larger? Just to jog your memory, I'm the mosaic artists that mosaics dogs and loves purple.

  2. Hello. I absolutely remember you, and am happy to adjust the bracelet. We will not be at the market this Thurs the 14th, but we will be there the following Thurs the 21st. We can make arrangements if you would like me to adjust it sooner than that. I'm oustide of Marathon, so not too far away from you. My email is if you prefer to email me directly. Thank you!