Friday, May 20, 2011

Growing up, I remember my Mom telling of her Great Aunt Dorothy's beautiful flowers.
Her yard was full of flowers; she worked outside from morning until night.

That's Dorothy on the left.  To her left is her brother Oby, my Great Grandpa.  Then my Great Grandma Louise, and to her left is Dorothy's husband Art.  The occassion was both couples' 25th Anniversary in 1936.
What I remember most about these stories is that when Dorothy went somewhere,
she always brought along a bouquet she gathered from her garden.
That has always impressed me, and I've never forgotten it.
In fact, I'm carrying on the tradition.

We're having an Art Day at Jody' house today,
and I'm bringing along this bouquet gathered from my garden.
There's not a whole lot blooming yet, but it's a little something to say
"from my heart to yours". 

Oh, and from Pompeii's heart too.


  1. Love it! One of my favorite memories! Aunt Dorothy would be proud.

  2. I really love that you bring me flowers from your garden when you come over......that is one of the many reasons why I ask you over all the it.....
    btw....i have not yet put away my little treasures that I bought with you are a bad influence girlfriend!!!!