Thursday, May 19, 2011

From Blogger to Logger...

We finally decided what to do about the uprooted trees in our yard,
after a week of him-hawing about it. 

(Que the wood chipper)

It's kind of fun feeding a log through the chipper and watching it come out as mulch.
When the wagon is full, we spread the mulch under the trees along our property line.

One of the trees we lost was a big old one.  I'm not really a tree-hugger type, but I am a nature-lover type (well, I think there's a difference somehow).  Walking around the downed tree this week, deciding what to do with it, waiting for the insurance inspection, gave me the chance to look closer and appreciate its beauty - before I shoved it all into the chipper.

I'm fascinated by these bunches of baby pinecones that were growing all over the tree.

Look what I found nestled among some branches and pine needles,
right underneath the spot where the full weight of the tree top fell.

Aah, the lost possibilities.
Maybe that's what makes me sad.
I'm gonna go hug a tree now.

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  1. This is so beautiful.What a treat that you got to see it and take this photograph. There is no blue like this one!