Thursday, April 14, 2011

My miniature violets are happy in their spot on my kitchen windowsill.

About five years ago, I bought a miniature violet at a backyard plant sale.  I had never seen such teeny little leaves on a violet plant.  I admired its dark green velvety leaves with purple undersides, and I told it so.  All the time.  It rewarded me with an enormous amount of mini buds that bloomed into mounds of lavender and purple flowers.

I think it liked being talked to.  Ok, I admit it also sat in an ideal east facing window.  And was watered from the bottom in a saucer lined with pebbles, fertilized with African violet food, and pruned with manicure scissors.  But it also received a lot of good karma.

Eventually the little violet outgrew its pot, and I had to divide it.  I fretted that it wouldn't survive the transplant shock.  It surely won't ever bloom again.  Where was I going to find another miniature violet around here to replace this one? 


Not to worry.  The little violet survived.  And thrived.  And multiplied.  Like bunnies.

I gave a mini violet offspring to my friend, where it sits in an east facing window, in a saucer lined with pebbles.  But the little plant hasn't grown or bloomed.

She just laughed when I asked if she talks to it.


  1. I know you are talking about me, no I dont talk to it, maybe I will start.......hmmmm.....I will have to make sure no one is around or they will think Im really nuts. Maybe I should try a different window...

  2. I totally love this story and the pics. Violets are one of my favorite flowers (it's no secret I love the color, hehe), but they are pretty tricky to grow. I had one on my desk at work for a while. Miracle Grow food and watering from the bottom helped a lot, but it did not survive when I moved to a different desk. Pretty sensitive plants...I bet they do like being talked to. =)