Saturday, April 30, 2011

I posted a few days ago about the going-out-of-business sale at the local bead store.  I believe I said I was going back one more time with a list.

I lied.

I went there FIVE times in all.  When I wasn't at the bead store, I was wishing I was at the bead store. 

Today was their last day of business.  I am kind of relieved in a way.  I need to stop buying beads.
Photo by Jody

My friend Jody was there almost as many times as me.  Here's her loot:

Photo by Jody

The only thing better than a super-duper clearance sale at a bead store is being at a super-duper clearance sale with your creative friends!  And if they would serve cocktails, as Jody suggested.

I've been having a ball with my new beads.  Made some artsy free form bracelets while I watched the Royal Wedding live on TV. 

To Patti, who told me about the sale...much bead love to you, my friend.

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