Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've come down with a pretty bad case of post-vacation blues. 

Had trouble adjusting to a quiet house today, without my family peeps.

This morning there were no iguanas or tiny lizard-looking thingies sunning in my yard. 

Missed the yellow-eyed bird picking up my breakfast crumbs.

Outside my door there are no blooming flowers in my most favorite color.

I live too far from the sea.

I did take a picture of the snirt during my walk today. 

Snirt:  The gray-brown piles of snow and dirt found along roads
and in parking lots in cold and snowy places.

The colors....I miss the colors.

Maybe if I put on these sunglasses,
I'll be back there again...


  1. I miss those lovely colors too! Didn't we have a great time?

  2. We sure did! Wish we were still there!

  3. Your pics are so pretty! What a nice camera you have. The colors of spring will there soon, no worries. Too funny about the snirt, that made me laugh out loud!!