Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.
I've had a little bug, on and off, for about two weeks now.  The kind where it hurts to think or move.  Some days are better than others.  I took advantage of a good day to climb the ladder in the garage and bring down bins from the top shelf where I store the Christmas decorations.  Not wanting to overdo it too much, I took my time assembling the cute little thrift shop tree I bought a couple years ago, to replace the gigantic tree that never really fit in anywhere.  An old tape of White Christmas was playing in the VCR, a decorating tradition I've kept for many years.  My tummy wasn't quite ready for the traditional mug of hot chocolate, but Diet 7Up on ice hit the spot.

Lucky the Studio Cat
I've been collecting vintage Christmas ornaments for awhile now, and this year the tree will hold only vintage ornaments on its branches.  Some are special ones that belonged to my great-grandparents, others I've picked up at thrift shops and rummage sales.  I really enjoyed taking my time unwrapping all the delicate ornaments.  Lucky the Studio Cat enjoyed it too!

Since I have some sales coming soon and my husband is out of town for a couple weeks, I took a few days to head up north to our cabin for another creative retreat.  This will be the last time I'll be able to stay until Spring because we will soon winterize it for the season.  In our neck of the woods this is the opening weekend of deer hunting season, so we won't be taking long walks in the woods this time.  Really wish I felt better than I do, but I'll work on a little bit at a time in between naps by the fire.  Move over Pompeii, I need to lay down too!

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