Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow, has it ever been a CrAzY run of things lately.
So many times I've started a new blog post but never got to finish.
Here's a little peak at fun stuff that's been going on.
We'll just skip right over the not so fun stuff,
like the night I accidentally flooded the garage...

Back in January, I entered a contest through my favorite mixed-media magazine Cloth Paper Scissors.  The challenge was to submit a journal page with the theme "stitched".  Some submissions would be included in a book for The Sketchbook Project.  The books will go on a nationwide tour, then make their permanent home in Brooklyn, NY, and can be viewed online all over the world.  Recently I was so humbled and excited to see my page included in the book!
Here's my page, and a link to my original blog post about it:  

I've recently discovered chef Jacques Pepin on public TV and I am smitten!  I've never really been a great cook; it just doesn't come naturally.  Following directions has never come naturally either, which doesn't help my cause.  But now Jacques, his cookbook and DVD have come into my life - and things are going to be different.  Watching his show is like learning how to cook from your French grandpa.  I could listen to him talk all day long.  And I do!  I play the DVD over and over when I'm creating in the studio.  Pompeii loves when we spend time in the kitchen together, as she waits for bits and pieces of food to fall on the floor.  One time she got hit in the face with some flying flour, it was so funny.  She didn't mind one bit.
Here's my version of Jacques' Country Apple Galette, right before it went into the oven.

It's turkey hunting season and we had a houseful of hunter friends here one weekend.  Now what to do with all those turkey breasts in the freezer...maybe my man Jacques has some advice on how to prepare wild turkey.  Pompeii was happy to jump in the picture with my husband and his turkey, even though she didn't have anything to do with the hunt!

One year ago I agreed to make two collages for my sister's bathroom.  I finally started them last month.  The project got delayed while waiting for some skeleton leaves to arrive in the mail.  Here's the very first layer on the collages, but the final project really won't look a thing like these.  This is just the texture stage.  And by now the leaves have arrived, so I need to get back to it.

Been spending time in my flower garden now that it's warming up.
I especially like being out there right after a Spring rain.

Here's the first batch of sun tea and the first rhubarb crop of the season!

The first flowering things in my garden each Spring are the Bleeding Hearts.  I love the pink flowers, but there's something about these white ones that tug at my heartstrings.

There can never be too many fresh flower bouquets hanging around!

Naps on the porch swing are the best!

Views from the hammock on a weekend up north:

A wonderful Mother's Day hummingbirds are back!  The fights at the feeder have begun too.  Really need to look into getting another feeder so there's some peace out there.
Creeping Phlox are so pretty, even in a vase.

I'm so happy it's Spring!


  1. Wow! Your pictures are fabulous!! If I hadn't been excited about spring before, this blog would have done the trick!

  2. Connie Walker sent me your blog and I have enjoyed looking at thing. You have the right touch. Wendy