Monday, April 2, 2012

thanks for checking in
I've been on vacation for a week with my family.  Today is the first day back and I'm catching up.

The wash machine broke the day before we left so I'm waiting for the repairman to get here,
cleaning sand out of the crevices of our suitcases,
eating what's left of our snack bags from the plane,
downloading almost 2000 pictures that need to be edited,
giving the dog and cat lots of pettins and kisses,
fighting sea legs that make me feel like I'm still on the water,
wearing the lotion from the hotel, wishing I was back by the Sea with my peeps.


  1. Toto, we're not in Virgin Gorda anymore. Back to reality! Had a great time!

  2. Boy have I had a rude awakening today! Having trouble adjusting to the real world...