Friday, December 31, 2010

There have been some pretty big life adjustments this year -
some self-imposed, some beyond my control.
So I guess you could say I've been working on my personal resolutions all year long.  

I have, at times, grappled and struggled.
I've really had to work hard to silence my super-critical mind
that tells me I'm not good enough,
or I said something I shouldn't have, or I made a dumb mistake.
What an energy-sapper that is!
But with plenty of heartfelt reflection and abundant tenderness,
most days I've been able to settle down
and benefit from a new, improved self-awareness.   

All is Calm...All is Bright!
 In the New Year (and forever after)
I'll continue to hold close the people that matter most.

And I'll be using my energy to:

  • Say "SO WHAT!" more often
  • Talk nicer to myself
  • Be content in the moment
  • Nurture my free spirit 
  • Lighten up and rejoice!

Pretty heavy stuff, eh?

Flower Pin, Bracelet and Clutch by Happy Heart Studio:

Modeling by Sarah Pointer:

Photography by Light Works Imaging:

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