Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I've got the Spring Fever. 
Been dreaming of green growing things and bright blooms.

This, however, is my reality....

We're under a Winter Weather Advisory and could get up to five inches of snow and ice through tomorrow.
Man, it sure has been a long and cold and snowy winter; not my favorite kind.

I started Spring cleaning and de-cluttering so that when nice weather finally makes its way here,
I will spend every free second outside soaking it up.

I've been doing some research on food restrictions and special diets because of a sensitive tummy that has been giving me fits.  Slowly I'm eliminating gluten and have been on the hunt for gluten-free baking recipes that don't flop.  Experimenting has been way more fun using the vintage mixer I scored at Goodwill.  It came with two original mixing bowls and the beater attachment.  Makes me smile every time I get to use it.

This gluten-free banana chocolate chip walnut bread did not flop.  Woo hoo!

There's been a lot going on around here.

The busy season for my husband is over and in late March we went on our annual Spring break with my family.  A day and a half before we left for the trip, our sweet dog had unplanned surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her hip.  Her prognosis is good.

I've been working on some creative projects and have a wonderful heartwarming story to share on another blog post about a custom collage box made for a very special birthday surprise.  

Finally the shelves in my studio room were installed this week.  Now it's time to go around the house and gather up the piles of art supplies stashed away in various temporary work areas of the house...beads and wire in the basement bedroom closet...wads of yarn in a basket in the living room...card making supplies in the garage...knitting needles I have yet to locate...

Tomorrow morning I have a photography gig in town, then back to cleaning and organizing...and probably complaining about the weather.

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