Friday, November 1, 2013

It's been awhile since writing a new blog post and I've missed it.  Guess I was waiting until I felt I had it all together, had all my ducks in a row.  But honestly, I rarely ever feel that way and it usually doesn't last that long when I do!

Turtles in a row.  Near my in-laws' place this summer.

This morning I had my annual health exam and mammogram.  There's something about having that done and over with for another year that sparks a new beginning.  I've never been good at New Year's resolutions, so I'm kind of thinking of today as a fresh start to a new year.  

There has been a lot going on lately that has taken me away from blogging and creating.  The biggest distraction is that we recently moved from our old farmhouse to a newer place about ten minutes away.

Our old farmhouse and garden.
Although I will miss our old place, it was time for a change.  My husband had been looking for a newer home for quite a while but we could never agree on a place that had lots of character like in an older house for me, and an open floor plan and less maintenance for him.  Finally after about four years and many house tours, we found the perfect place for us; the place where the instant we stepped inside, we just "knew"...

The new place.

We are mostly moved in now, except for my new studio space.  It's still a work in progress.  The majority of my art supplies are in boxes in the garage and the rest are in boxes on the floor in the middle of the studio space, awaiting the arrival of the shelving and organizing fairy...well, actually, awaiting me to make a decision about how to organize everything.  

Endless possibilities..

I've been working on projects here and there, moving boxes from one pile to another, in search of supplies.  Although it takes some digging to find the fabric and sewing machine and beads and canvas and paints, it feels really really good to be making things again.  

Recently I made some items to donate to a charity benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County, near where I used to live in Illinois.  Yesterday there was only time to snap some quick iPhone photos before running off to the Post Office for my self-imposed deadline.  But you get the idea.  

Handmade fleece hat, hand-embellished gloves, up-cycled wool sweater pin,
key necklace, stone and glass bead bracelet.

Handmade fleece hat and ear warmer headband,
up-cycled leather flower pin, leather pendant necklace, pearl dangly earrings.

Handmade fleece hat, up-cycled wool lip balm holder,
up-cycled wool mini purse, mixed-media collage.

Close-up of mixed-media collage.

During my absence from blogging, I had the honor of photographing several special events including two senior photo shoots, a wedding, a 20-year vow renewal ceremony, and a session with a wonderful couple who have been married 14 years but had never had a professional 'couple photo'.

I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish photo editing quickly and without falling asleep at the computer!  I'm still working on the quick part, but the falling asleep part has been mostly solved by doing the majority of editing at Starbucks...which is where I am right now, treating myself after a morning of mammography and girly examinations.  Cheers to a new year!

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