Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I ran away from home.

We are having a pretty major project done in the basement of our old farmhouse.  When the workers showed up a few days ago, they said the decibal level on their jackhammers was so high that it could cause damage to the dog's ears.  They suggested we go somewhere else while they worked that day.  So in a flurry, I packed up the dog and the cat, threw some clothes in a bag, gathered up some painting supplies and headed north.

We (dog, cat, me) are hanging out at the cabin for a few days, til the work is done and it's safe for everybody to be back in the house.  

None of us really minds the inconvenience.

Along the road to our cabin is a spot where there is always a message written with sticks.  Sometimes it's wishing so-and-so a happy birthday, sometimes it's a get-well wish or other greeting.  This may be the best message yet...

Last week within a few days of each other, I saw two double rainbows.  It's happened many times now where a rainbows appears at the most auspicious moment.  Always, right when I need some encouragement.  I could just feel it in my soul that something good was about to happen.

Yesterday we accepted an offer on our old cabin, after a year on the market.

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