Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
- Helen Keller
My new-to-me 1982 Honda moped!

Where oh where did June go?

My Clematis has never bloomed like this before...

We've been spending a lot of time up north,
now that my husband is not traveling with his work.
This time of year we have to fit 12 months of living
into the six months he's not on the road or running at a breakneck pace.

We saw this eagle watching over Plum Lake in Sayner, WI
I'd love to say our days up there are spent doing nothing but relaxing.
However, we are in the process of selling our old cabin...

As we recently bought a new place,
after a looooong time searching for the perfect spot for us.

I do believe we've found it.

In between the hauling, scrubbing and signing papers,
I've been working on some fun creative projects.

We had a family member graduate college in May, and I made her this altered book journal.
She wants to be a librarian; that's what she studied in school.
This blank journal is made from an old children's school book.

A peek inside...

Last weekend we went back to my hometown in central Illinois
to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my aunt and uncle.
Aunt Reen & Uncle Dale at Long Point United Methodist Church, Long Point IL

Have flowers, will travel.

There really, really IS no place like home!
Berge Farm, Manville IL

Ok.  So...a year ago my sister asked me to create two paintings
to hang in a bathroom of her beautiful home.
I finally finished and delivered them to her this weekend.
They were so much fun to work on.
I wish I had taken better pictures of them, but this will have to do.

A closer look...

And while we're catching up, here is another project I completed for a good friend of mine.
Her sister was having a birthday and moving from Wisconsin to Colorado
to begin a new chapter in her life.
This collage incorporates sentimental pictures and mementos of their childhood.

Lots of details...

My friend reports that many a tear was shed after the presentation of the collage.
That was the whole point, after all!

The other day at a thrift shop I bought a Pampered Chef flower-shaped-bread-tube-thingy.
I made this loaf of Hawaiian bread.

Now it's time to work on making some stuff
for the first Thursday Market Place of the summer in downtown Wausau.
OMG, is that really only a couple days away?!?!
Pompeii & her cousin Scout at the farm
Well then, I'll save the sleeping part for winter...

Whew.  So THAT'S where June has gone!

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