Friday, June 3, 2011

As kids, my sister and I scrutinized the colors in a box of crayons
and picked our favorites.
My very favorite color was always magenta.  Still is.

 I think color psychology is really interesting.  How color influences mood, behavior, image, even what your favorite color says about you...
I'm into that kind of stuff. 
So for kicks, I googled "meaning of magenta" to see what my favorite color signifies.
Turns out that magenta is the color of the free spirit.  It influences creativity.  It represents kindness and love, harmony and balance. 
Magenta is the color of non-conformists; it does not like to be confined or contained.
Magenta makes me happy.

I've been thinking there's not enough magenta in my life.
I'm working on that.

Got me two new magenta summer tops and magenta toenail polish.
Stocked up on magenta beads and acrylic paint. 
Started paying more attention to magenta. 

My two youngest nephews even got in on the magenta action.
Especially when I offered them a quarter for each magenta thing they found.

What does your favorite color say about you?


  1. I think magenta was one of my favorite crayon colors too...that and violet. I love love love the color purple and surround myself with it. I google everything, so I was amused by this blog post, and had to google purple. Purple symbolizes creativity, spirituality, adventurous, determination, powerful, positive, luxurious, magical. I relate with all that. Neat!

  2. Andrea, I love that your favorite color purple symbolizes all those things. I think it's important to surround yourself with lots of purple! How fun!! xoxo